Bright Green Environmental can help you improve the sustainability of your property or business, to improve efficiency, green credentials and reduce costs.

We work with clients from all sectors to ensure long term environmental, social and economic sustainability through early integration of sustainability considerations in policy, plan and project development. We provide Strategic Sustainability Assessment services and a range of services to support with the identification and implementation of sustainability and climate change solutions for properties and businesses.

Through initial appraisal of current sustainability performance through to helping identify the most effective measures, technologies, renewable energy to adopt, identification of any grant funding opportunities to assist with capital investment.

We have worked on a range of projects including domestic properties, commercial offices, horticultural and poultry businesses. These projects have included the adoption of photovoltaic (solar) panels, rainwater harvesting and treatment, irrigation, heat recovery and biomass heating.

If you are unsure what exactly you require, then please get in touch for a free no obligation discussion as to what we can offer you.