treeBright Green Environmental offer a comprehensive arboricultural consultancy service.


Our fully qualified and experienced consultants can give you expert advice, and project management services, on any arboricultural project that you may be looking to undertake.

If you are a developer, site owner or architect and are considering a development, if there are trees in the vicinity you will need a tree survey in order to apply for planning permission.  It is often prudent to assess the trees at the very start of designing a development as the presence of trees may impact upon the designs.

Or if you are a property owner with trees it is your legal obligation to ensure your trees are safe and will not cause harm to others or their property. We can carry out necessary inspections and advise on suitable course of action and management plans.

If you are unsure what exactly you require then please get in touch for a free no obligation discussion as to what we can offer you. The following are surveys we regularly complete.

Planning & Development

  • BS5837 Tree Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments, including Tree Constraints Plans and Tree Protection Plans
  • Arboricultural Method Statements, including Tree Constraints Plans and Tree Protection Plans
  • Arboricultural Clerk of Works (site supervision)
  • Design Team Meetings
  • Public Consultation
  • Planning Appeals & Inquiries
  • Tree Preservation Order objections / applications / appeals
  • Expert Witness

Tree Safety

  • Tree safety surveys
  • Post-failure analysis

Tree-related property damage

  • Pre-purchase Tree Report (for mortgage / insurance purposes)
  • Tree-related subsidence investigation and reporting
  • Direct-root damage

Expert Witness

  • Tree-related subsidence
  • Tree-related property damage / expert witness
  • Tree Preservation Order / Conservation Area contraventions

Protected Species

  • Inspection of trees for bats and barn owls
  • European Protected Species Licensing